What is EATegrity about?

Making use of a multidisciplinary approach, EATegrity researches the complex nature of alternative and industrialised food systems and their impact on nutritional food security, public health, animal welfare, social justice, climate justice, environmental justice and food sovereignty to seek to support authentic solutions. 

Working with and integrating knowledge and methods from different disciplines from a global community of farmers, chefs, academics, retailers, activists, NGOs, journalists, health advocates, environmentalists, scientists, certifiers, researchers and consumers, EATegrity advocates for traceable transparency towards a more equitable and healthy food system.

How long has EATegrity been around?

After three years of researching the mainstream food system from the perspective of a consumer and realising that there was very little transparent information available to base an informed decision on, EATegrity was launched in 2015 “helping you find integrity in the food chain.”

Ignorance is not part of the problem, it is the problem in our food system. The brokenness of our food system depends on our not knowing much about it.

The most critical tool for action for positive change is caring. By caring enough we can properly inform ourselves and therefore won’t fall for the bandaids that are being offered as solutions. Caring enough has become crucial as we are running out of time for authentic solutions and the more we invest our time and funding in actions that maintain the status quo, the more we are digging ourselves into a deeper hole.

Nothing short of a global transformation of the food system will be needed to stand any chance of reaching all 17 SDGs. In short, if we get it right with food, we get it right with everything else”
Johan Rockström, executive director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre and professor of environmental science at Stockholm University.

There is hope in the understanding of the balance of nature and biodiversity, of how intrinsically linked it is to the production of food, water, and air, the control of climate to help us better understand and advocate for authentic solutions to reduce our ecological footprint, which is going to become increasingly important as the problems of inequality, poverty and populations increase.

EATegrity hopes to help in supporting authentic solutions by digging deep to understand the difference between bandaids and authentic solutions.