The Eat Out Sustainable Restaurant Award Winner Announced

Sustainability Award 2016

cloche-for-website“In an SA first, Eat Out and Woolworths are recognising restaurants that are implementing environmentally and socially responsible practices with the inaugural Eat Out Woolworths Sustainability Award,” described by Eat Out in the public call for entries. EATegrity certainly agrees, this is a groundbreaking award and a wonderful opportunity for creating awareness about encouraging food sourcing from more sustainable practices and understanding the various production claims.

After many meetings, discussions, sharing and farm visits, the winner of this award will be announced at the 2016 Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards Ceremony on 20 November 2016.

The event will be streamed live on Eat Out’s Facebook page on Sunday afternoon. The full event runs from midday to 6pm, the Sustainable Restaurant Award will be announced near the end. Follow the action on twitter @Eat_Out and @EATegrity_Sonia search #EatOutAwards to see all of the action, pics and tweets from other guests.

The judging panel for this new award comprised of  Abigail Donnelly, Pavitray Pillay of WWF-SASSI, Lynsay Sampson of Fairtrade South Africa, Sonia Mountford of Eategrity and Karen Welter of Longtable Project. Eat Out has worked with these partners to develop robust criteria for evaluating restaurants for this award.

The winner will be the restaurant that best meets these criteria. The serving of foie gras, veal, suckling pig, rabbit and SASSI red-listed fish is grounds for elimination.

Interested South African restaurants were invited to complete an entry form to enter and were required to show proof of claims, and subject to a site visit when they were shortlisted. Visiting the farms that they source their produce from was part of the due diligence of this award.  All criteria needed to have been met for six months or longer in order for a restaurant to qualify.

See below to view the entry forms

Download the form here. Contact Julie Potgieter at or 071 375 2220 for more information or to request an entry form if you have problems downloading it. You can also read the glossary here for explanations of the terms used in the form.

The closing date for entries was 15 August 2016.


Peter-Advert-02-1Listen to Anelde Greef (Eat Out) and Sonia Mountford (EATegrity) chat to 2Oceansvibe Radio presenter #WhatTheFoodShow host, Aimee Eveleigh, and Peter Goffe-Wood about the trailblazing award.

If there are any restaurants that you think stand a chance to win next year then please ask them to enter.

Sonia Mountford

Sonia Mountford lived as an expat in the Middle East for a number of years and enjoyed travelling and exposure to third and first world cultures. Her interest in food security began while visiting in Sri Lanka after floods and discovering the politics around Food Aid. As a co-founder of Grass Consumer Action and the only full time member, she spent four years researching the dysfunctional food system in South Africa, investigating, questioning and exposing misleading claims. Although her interests range from food politics to toxins in our food, including harmful ingredients in processed foods and Big Food influence; she soon came to realize that the most important part of the food journey begins on farms. For that reason she spends much of her time visiting farms, learning and talking about constraints and concerns in production methods with farmers. Passionate about nutritional food security she believes higher animal welfare farming practices are not only necessary for ethical reasons but also for human health. She is an ambassador for SOIL, BEES and healthy WATER. Mountford started EATegrity ( “Helping You Find Integrity in the Food Chain” in 2015. Her aim is create greater consumer awareness about the food chain and to encourage transparency in the South African food industry.

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