Why Consumers Should be Thankful for Activists with Big Hearts

I have done my fair share of meeting attendances, government lobbying, speaking and writing about genetically modified food concerns in South Africa but this doesn’t compare at all to the courage and resolution of one woman with a big voice and an even bigger heart.

RushkaRushka Johnson is an environmental activist and is on a mission in South Africa. This slender woman transforms into a warrior to bring about awareness of toxic substances such as glyphosate in our stores. Not content to use her knowledge for the safety of only her own family, she wants to help make South Africa a less toxic place for all families and is determined to fight for national attention about the associated health concerns.

As Rushka herself explains: “Any decent human wouldn’t keep quiet.”

In an ever increasing space of greenwashing and slack-tivism, Rushka speaks from the heart with integrity about the concerns of the herbicide, glyphosate, used in growing genetically modified foods and as a weed killer in our communities.

Listen here to my talk with Rushka about her activism and the two campaigns she has organised #RoundupOut and #MarchAgainstMonsanto, which incidentally is part of a global march.

Every year, millions of people march against Monsanto.Every year, millions of people march against Monsanto.Join Rushka and the March Against Monsanto on 21 May to become part of the solution in South Africa.


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The history of #RoundupOut Campaign- 



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Find a ‪#‎marchagainstmonsanto‬ in your country and city here – http://www.march-against-monsanto.com/may21/

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