Friday Smile – Vineyard Hotel


Vineyard Hotel does it again!

EATegrity was already smiling about the fact that Executive Chef, Carl van Rooyen of The Vineyard Hotel in Newlands, decided to use Farmer Angus’s beef mince in their burgers in January, see this Friday Smile for that.

Now our smile has definitely broadened with the latest news from them.

On Monday The Vineyard Hotel announced that they were furthering their partnership with Farmer Angus, which sees the introduction of his beef and free range eggs to the hotel’s menus in the Garden Lounge and The Square Restaurant.  Chef Carl said, “We are also using Farmer Angus’ Flat Iron steak in the Square Restaurant – a delicious cut from the shoulder area that forms part of the nose to tail cooking ethos we are trying to promote. With only 3% of the animal generally used as fillet, sirloin or rump, it is easy to ignore the other available cuts, which generally hold so much more flavour. We are keen to see what guests think of this new cut!

This is super news for a number of reasons. Firstly, The Vineyard Hotel is clearly firmly on the right track with sourcing higher welfare options and what is also very important is their promotion of nose to tail eating – fabulous! They also understand that there is fake ‘free range’ eggs and then there is Farmer Angus’ ‘free range’. Many restaurants claim they are using free range eggs with very little understanding of the term and how it has been hi-jacked by industry. Grass knows that Farmer Angus is true free range and we hope that The Vineyard Hotel restaurant patrons realize they are getting the real deal.

Super big smiles to you guys at The Vineyard Hotel and we send an extra one to Chef Carl for leading the way.


Farmer Angus is based at Spier in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, where he practises biodynamic farming techniques.

“BioDynamic agriculture is an enhancement to organic agriculture and the central element of this method is that fertility should be created on the farm. This is in stark contrast to conventional farming where the soil destroying fertilisers are produced in huge, energy intensive factories and then trucked for many kilometres to the farm, ” Farmer Angus.

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Sonia Mountford

Sonia Mountford lived as an expat in the Middle East for a number of years and enjoyed travelling and exposure to third and first world cultures. Her interest in food security began while visiting in Sri Lanka after floods and discovering the politics around Food Aid. As a co-founder of Grass Consumer Action and the only full time member, she spent four years researching the dysfunctional food system in South Africa, investigating, questioning and exposing misleading claims. Although her interests range from food politics to toxins in our food, including harmful ingredients in processed foods and Big Food influence; she soon came to realize that the most important part of the food journey begins on farms. For that reason she spends much of her time visiting farms, learning and talking about constraints and concerns in production methods with farmers. Passionate about nutritional food security she believes higher animal welfare farming practices are not only necessary for ethical reasons but also for human health. She is an ambassador for SOIL, BEES and healthy WATER. Mountford started EATegrity ( “Helping You Find Integrity in the Food Chain” in 2015. Her aim is create greater consumer awareness about the food chain and to encourage transparency in the South African food industry.

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