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Jules Mercer from Outlandish Kitchen for skilfully and mindfully bringing a higher welfare pork banger to the table. Her aim is to “bring people closer to the origin of really good food.” Not only does she achieve this by getting to know the farms and the farmers but she follows this philosophy throughout the production. So of course, the short food journey of her new range of bangers – from the spicy ‘n fresh Cuban to the Great British Banger – began on a farm.

When she originally approached Charlie and Julie Crowther from Glen Oakes farm, they were looking to produce a really good banger.  They tried and tested a few from various butchers, but often found the taste to be generic due to the “spice mix” that was added.  So they thought it worth finding someone who would be keen to keep it as pure as possible. Salvin Hirschfield is that butcher.

I had an opportunity to speak to Salvin and understood why Jules decided to work with him on creating the Glen Oakes bangers. Salvin says he “wants to know how the animal was cared for, as naturally as possible—slaughtered as stress free as possible—as this effects the quality of the meat.” The sausages that he has produced from Glen Oakes pork contain no soya, no bread fillers and are gluten free. He doesn’t make use of preservatives or MSG and the sausage skins are from pork and sheep intestines, so not synthetic. Other ingredients that he uses are dried fruit, Darling Brewery beer and spices.

It is not always easy to introduce something different into the market as people have become accustomed to commercially farmed tastes and that is why Jules spends a tremendous amount of time and energy on getting the taste right because as she says, “hopefully it’s a little easier to convince people to eat right by introducing something socially acceptable to their palates…!”

Pop Up OutlandishKitchen Banger Bash at Montebello Design Centre in Newlands.
Pop Up Outlandish Kitchen Banger Bash at Montebello Design Centre in Newlands.

I am sure that with her ease of manner in making people feel welcome, event styling and her passion for “really good food” that we will hear of more good foods coming from this determined lady.

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Please note: EATegrity is pleased to see the pork from Glen Oakes being used in these bangers. I visited Glen Oakes a couple of years ago and we will be sharing the story of that experience soon.

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