Friday Smile – Café Chic


I congratulated Café Chic for deciding to remove foie gras from their menu.  Situated in Breda Street, Cape Town, it is owned by Conrad Gallagher a celebrated Michelin starred chef, and his wife, Candice. Café Chic serves lunch, dinner and late night cocktails.

Email ( or tweet (@CafeCafeChic) to tell them that you think this is really awesome news. They responded almost immediately and offered no excuses for initially promoting foie gras on their menu. Truly professional.


Since I have not visited yet, EATegrity cannot vouch for their other menu items but you can see what Eat Out has to say about them here.

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Sonia Mountford

Sonia Mountford lived as an expat in the Middle East for a number of years and enjoyed travelling and exposure to third and first world cultures. Her interest in food security began while visiting in Sri Lanka after floods and discovering the politics around Food Aid. As a co-founder of Grass Consumer Action and the only full time member, she spent four years researching the dysfunctional food system in South Africa, investigating, questioning and exposing misleading claims. Although her interests range from food politics to toxins in our food, including harmful ingredients in processed foods and Big Food influence; she soon came to realize that the most important part of the food journey begins on farms. For that reason she spends much of her time visiting farms, learning and talking about constraints and concerns in production methods with farmers. Passionate about nutritional food security she believes higher animal welfare farming practices are not only necessary for ethical reasons but also for human health. She is an ambassador for SOIL, BEES and healthy WATER. Mountford started EATegrity ( “Helping You Find Integrity in the Food Chain” in 2015. Her aim is create greater consumer awareness about the food chain and to encourage transparency in the South African food industry.

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